Supportive Development’s focus is on personal experience integrating the shared content in alignment with the context of the program. For a company to be healthy it is important for a culture to be healthy. More and more companies are discovering this begins with the people and their humanism. Supportive Development offers the following workshops Lunch […]

Emotional Intelligence

Applying Supportive Developments method neutralizes emotional situations to a clear objective equanimous natural state of being offering you a full range of your cognitive faculties helping then gain the clarity and direction you seek, with results you will trust. Our hard-wired emotional reactions are expressed before you even have a chance to respond. Since it […]

Reel Self Image

Connect to your real self image. Reel Self Image has personal, career and business value. Reel Self Image is about capturing who the person is behind the persona and or a business, and to capture this real essence and communicate it using video, still images and music… for personal and business (entrepreneur or career) benefits. […]