Applying breakthroughs using your own Affirmation cards

Here is a great way to apply key points, key new mindful habits by simply creating your own tarot type cards where in each morning you shuffle cards you have created and your affirmation  you wrote and affirm it in that moment for that day.

I found that when doing personal development work on yourself and you have meaningful breakthroughs, journalling is an amazing way for a  brain dump, helping the flow of powerful revelations. Also what I found to be powerful is to capture the KEY highlights and write them on q-cards which is a way of creating your own Tarot / Affirmation cards.

What better way to start your day then by reading an affirmation directly related to your personal breakthrough experiences. The power is in the cards being in your words, and as you evolve, you can evolve the card.

Let me know what you think : )

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