Be the change, in Alberta

Spoke with a homeless man just a couple of weeks back. He use to be a Forest Range, a sustainable citizen,  and was dealt a couple of bad cards.

Over time he was not able to focus on his job, and as a result he is now on the streets not able to hold a job.

Could this have been prevented? Well, what we are finding to be true is that stress effects us emotionally and if this is not caught and managed in time the effects are extremely damaging… one effect can ¬†homelessness.

The importance of catching these situations early is vital to the sustainability of our community, our province, our country.

United way helps these people once they are the victim of their circumstances

… and my question to you is – “what else can we do”?

Supportive Development offers human element to change management that helps professional and personal lives… offering people their life back. SD directly impacts a persons mental, emotional and physical strength, as well as home and work place in a good way.

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