Getting familiar with Emotional and Social Intelligence… to help manage change

Relationships Don’t only mold our experiences but also effect our biology

Very smart people become very dumb when the Amygdala Hijack takes over

The upper part of the brain integrates the Executive center and the Emotional center

When you get pre-occupied by whats going on and you get frazzled, then the Cortisol kicks in … the stress is on, and if there is minimal rest at hand, then the adrenalin kicks in depleting the body even from more resources

Watch the video above to listen to the doctor speak about  the inverted “U” graph. HPA axis… Amygdala reactivity against performance in any domain. The graph is an inverted U where the left is about being “Board” or doubt, low self esteem, questioning self, looking for purpose, needy. The top is “Peak” state “FLOW”, focused and feels really good (the optimal cognitive functioning, highest IQ state.

On the right downward slide, the right sloop, the mind and body is taxed with too much to do, to little time, not enough support, and is beginning to deplete resources (first cortisol exceeds normal , and then adrenaline… depleting growth hormones, and you begin to fall apart cortically where all your attention is on the problem, followed by burn out (chronic fatigue and increased chance of physical injuries).

The optimal state of the inverted U is on the top…  in the FLOW, GOD (genuine orderly direction). The more on the right the less attention you have to learn and to function optimally and the more attention you spend on the problem and the more negative you are and more time spent on crisis management. On the right side is where injuries begin to happen and employee absents increases.

Another conversation is our Social Brain, how our state effects another person. We are wired to connect with other people constructively or destructively. Unconsciously we regulate our selves to the internal state of the other person. They are called mirrored neurons, and this is what has us synchronize interactions, enjoyable rhythm as experienced in attractive relationships. As a negative consequence, this is where we can mistakenly take on other peoples stuff and have internal conflict with it while not realy knowing what is going on

We are reading everybody’s non verbal all the time, but it is done by the mirrored neurons. This means there is an emotional subtext to every human interaction. No mater what is going on explicitly, tacitly we are making eachother feel a little worst and a little better, a lot worst or a lot better… at this silent level.

Another fact is that research has found that effective leaders laugh three time more. The mirror neurons look for a smile and offer a smile creating instant rapport.

In the mists of creating rapport the social brain is in action – this can be good or bad. When not connecting the two body’s physiology and neurology are independent of each other. But when two people are connecting here body’s are in harmony, heart beat and autonomic function is in sync reflecting they are on the same page. Basically it feels good (and a sale can be made… influence, date, purchase). The social brains basically do a dance or fight with each other.

This being said we are biological allies with those close in our lives like husband and wife in close trust relationship. Emotional hurt registers in the brain identical to pain

*** The good news is that the circuitry that manages all of this Emotional Intelligence ability is malleable through life… it is called neuroplasticity. We can continue to build this circuitry when we have the right learning situation. One of the ways is through Meditation, another is the methodology offered at Supportive Development

You will let your emotions give you insight you have never thought before, and let your emotions teach you about yourself and the challenging dynamics of life. You will find freedom personally and in relation to your environment

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