Emotional Intelligence

Applying Supportive Developments method neutralizes emotional situations to a clear objective equanimous natural state of being offering you a full range of your cognitive faculties helping then gain the clarity and direction you seek, with results you will trust.

Our hard-wired emotional reactions are expressed before you even have a chance to respond. Since it isn’t possible to put our emotions aside, managing them  means we first need to be aware why and how we do the things we do and attract the experiences we have.

When you don’t take time to notice and understand your emotions, they have a strange way of resurfacing when you least expect or want them to.

Getting in touch with your emotions and tendencies takes honesty and courage. Supportive Development recognizes this sensitivity which differentiates Supportive Development from other organizations.

When you allow yourself to sit with an emotion and become fully aware of it, you can understand what is causing it. Suspending judgment of emotions allows an awareness to come forth and guide you.

The next time you feel an emotion begin to build, we will notice it and refrain form putting it into a good or bad category and remind yourself that the  feeling is there to help you understand something important. Emotions are very important sensors that are there to help guide you, not run you.

Since emotions are energy, it’s important to understand the affect they have on other people around you.

When you ignore or minimize an emotion, no matter how small or insignificant, you miss the opportunity to do something productive with it and your life.

To be effective in life , we all need to discover our own arrogance – those things we don’t bother to learn about and dismiss as unimportant.

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