Gender, a human element of Change Management

Change management is beyond and deeper then structural in nature… it has a human element to it, and even deeper it has a gender element to it.

Grant Macewan sponsored Michael Kaufman to come on campus and give voice to  gender violence and how it is a consequence  of our culture… how we are raised at a very young age to something we are not but are expected to live up to.

This conversation spoke to the stereo type images  super-sized over time stretching both men an women apart from their core values as humans.

It is when this hypnotic-spell begins to get interrupted is when we have a change for change… and it starts with a voice.

This voice begins to be heard when change moves beyond structural to begin to acknowledge the human element to the culture at home, school, corporation, community, national, international.

It begins with one voice to break the pattern and make a difference. When we begin to give voice we begin to address the basic rights of democracy, and as a result can create healthier homes, schools, corporations, communities, nations.

An act of rape is not limited to sexual violation, it can also be as simple as violating someones right to speak, and this at times can require creating a safe space and safe place.

Give a listen to what Michael has to say. Take from it what resonates with you – and

The position Supportive Development takes is to ask the question, “is there gender dominance” within the issue, and “are there any other specific gender related concerns” within the issue that can be standing in the way of communicating,  creating a “me vs you”, preventing to speak to the issue at hand having gender be in the way.

Gender specific issues must first be addressed for collaborative change to occur. Supportive Development methodology speaks to these concerns.

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