Reel Self Image

Connect to your real self image. Reel Self Image has personal, career and business value. Reel Self Image is about capturing who the person is behind the persona and or a business, and to capture this real essence and communicate it using video, still images and music… for personal and business (entrepreneur or career) benefits.

What this includes and involves is a process that access your core qualities, which lay in you, bring them to the surface, and communicate to your audience the true reel self image they can and will experience and connect with.

Leave the “HOW” up to me… and all that is required of you, is to show up into a natural, relaxed space.

People don’t like to be talked at, they generally want to be moved from the inside where they can feel kinesthetically  what you are saying as well as audibly hear the message.

This is what ‘Reel Self Image’ offers… move people emotionally in a healthy way, including yourself.

On the personal level Reel Self Image uses healthy emotions to re-pattern  older negative emotional survival patterns. ReelSelfImage is an emotional representation of your own breakthroughs supporting you in helping shift the deep seated patterns.

Most people who are stuck are emotionally stuck, and the purpose of  “Reel Self Image” is to capture  this new emotional supportive awareness each person has gained

When we work 1 0n 1 we capture the highlights of the work we do together and begin to override the patterns and behaviors that have gotten you to where you are today.  Your old ways will want to trump your new awareness so we create for you a video representation that you take with you where ever you go

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