Supportive Development’s focus is on personal experience integrating the shared content in alignment with the context of the program. For a company to be healthy it is important for a culture to be healthy. More and more companies are discovering this begins with the people and their humanism.

Supportive Development offers the following workshops

Lunch and Learn (1 to 1.5 hrs)

  • Touch on effects of Self Talk, Stress, Emotions and Competitiveness
  • What it takes to engage in the workplace

One day workshop (7 hrs)

  • learning why stress and your emotions matter
  • discover quick stress relief strategies
  • nurture stress with emotional connection
  • becoming comfortable with emotions
  • practice and enjoy the benefits

Two day workshop (2 x 7hrs)

  • Same as One day workshop
  • Experiential day how peers can support each other uplifting the company’s culture