Supportive Development

As founder of Supportive Development Oskar Urbanski found how misunderstood and mismanaged stress really effects employees physically and mentally directly affecting both the social environment and culture of the workplace, and our personal lives.

With a drive and desire to find answers the research and  personal testing began leading to a  healthier physical, mental and emotional life.

Employment engagement has its various  elements that require to be taken into consideration creating a desired outcome. Two main elements are stress and emotional intelligence. At SD we help understand manage and navigate these elements

Generally speaking there are three types of employees

  1. ENGAGED employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their career and their company. They drive innovation, peer support and move organizations forward.
  2. NOT-ENGAGED employees are essentially “checked out”. They’re sleepwalking through their workday, putting time — but no energy or passion into their work.
  3. ACTIVELY DISENGAGED employees are’t just unhappy at work; they’re busy acting out their unhappiness. Every day, these workers undermine what their engaged coworkers accomplish.

It is for a manager to connect with an employee and support him or her, in discovery of their potential, and nudging them forward, out of their comfort zone into the discovery of their potential, helping meet and maybe even exceed the tasks, all from a foundation  of an initial agreement between themselves. It is the responsibility of the manager and employee to openly communicate as they work together moving in the direction on common ground.

When agreements are broken and there is no conversation then their is a disconnect, a disengagement, and if it is not addressed it begins to spread socially beyond the team affecting the social environment, the culture of the workplace.

With nurtured workplace engagement these tasks can be  very enjoyable. If they are not it is the responsibility  of each person involved to do their part in the helping of creating the necessary  common ground. Personal issues brought into work can be the problem as can stress and worry all beginning to muddy the waters.

Each person  in the workplace matters, and it is the workplace which directly impacts each persona  career, personal life and social life. It is very important for us to engage at work bringing home a sense of enjoyment from the day in place of stress, anger and frustration.

Oskar been personally challenged with these issues and has been driven and motivated to resolve these problems in his life creating a methodology which engages with the uniqueness of each individual moving past all other shrink wrap systems out there.

Employee engagement and retention  is beginning to get the attention it deserves where more employer’s recognize how effective their organizations  can run from a foundation of a staff from a healthier and happier  culture.
Our Vision — “Help Understand Manage and Navigate” engagement
Our Mission — Helping  each team be responsible and supportive in the workplace
Our Values

  • Meaningful - influence a healthy change.
  • Responsible - increase enjoyable engagement and ROI
  • Accountable - unlock the full potential of the corporation and its staff

The reason for the name “Supportive Development” is simple. It is about human beings supporting eachother