Be the change, in Alberta

Spoke with a homeless man just a couple of weeks back. He use to be a Forest Range, a sustainable citizen,  and was dealt a couple of bad cards. Over time he was not able to focus on his job, and as a result he is now on the streets not able to hold a […]

Gender, a human element of Change Management

Change management is beyond and deeper then structural in nature… it has a human element to it, and even deeper it has a gender element to it. Grant Macewan sponsored Michael Kaufman to come on campus and give voice to  gender violence and how it is a consequence  of our culture… how we are raised […]

Getting familiar with Emotional and Social Intelligence… to help manage change

Relationships Don’t only mold our experiences but also effect our biology Very smart people become very dumb when the Amygdala Hijack takes over The upper part of the brain integrates the Executive center and the Emotional center When you get pre-occupied by whats going on and you get frazzled, then the Cortisol kicks in … the […]