Contributing Factors to Cognitive Decline, and How to Counteract it

With age, brain researchers have found that there’s an increase in “chatter” in your brain. Dr. Merzenich explains: “Your brain becomes less precise in how it’s resolving information as you’re operating and listening in language, as you’re operating in vision, or as you’re operating in controlling your actions. And we actually see these other noise […]

Getting familiar with Emotional and Social Intelligence… to help manage change

Relationships Don’t only mold our experiences but also effect our biology Very smart people become very dumb when the Amygdala¬†Hijack takes over The upper part of the brain integrates the Executive center and the Emotional center When you get pre-occupied by whats going on and you get frazzled, then the Cortisol kicks in … the […]

the wisdom of play

Shawn Achor touched on the importance of prioritizing happiness, meaning to be happy in place of having happiness being a goal As you saw, he touched on the importance of self assessment, self reflection, and applied action including mediation as an exercise of ‘focus’. These are the elements that Supportive Development focuses on… to truly […]